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Still Buying Bottled Water?  

10 Reasons Why Home Water Filtration Is Vital

1) Clean water is critical for external and internal health.  Water picks up bacteria, chlorine, fluorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, waste particles, and other contaminants in lakes, reservoirs, and as a solvent it travels through miles of pipes before reaching your home.

2) Home water filtration removes chlorine and contaminants for optimum health, showers and baths off-gas chlorine putting contamination in your lungs and skin.  Heated water creates vaporized chlorine a leading cause of cancer, respiratory illness and disease.

3) Tastier and Healthier Food.  Many people have fridges that produce cold drinking water and ice and notice an immediate difference in the taste of ice and water.  Having on demand RO water at the sink is very convenient for baking, cooking, drinking, cleaning food and vegetables.

4) Save time and money on bottled water—know what’s in your drinking and tap water.  Buying chlorine-free bottled water is no guarantee your drinking water is pure—many water suppliers have excessive Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) contaminants.

5) Reduce the risk of cancer-chlorinated water produces a 93 percent higher risk of cancer than unchlorinated water.

6) Many gastrointestinal diseases can be eliminated when chlorine and bacteria is removed at source.

7) Energy and maintenance costs are minimal.  Metered whole house systems regenerate by water consumption levels, there is no waste of energy or water.

8) Extend the life of your appliances, hot water tank, home plumbing.

9) Reduce your carbon footprint.  No more plastic bottles, no delivery and manufacturing energy wasted.

10) Less stress means improved health.  Knowing that your water is pure and healthy for you and your family is a great feeling.  Staying hydrated is vital for a strong immune system.

Managing Your Water Doesn’t Have to Be Hard or Expensive.

"True science and technology works in harmony with nature, saving us far more than time and money."

– Robert Gorovenko


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