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Why choose us?

We’re a family based business that cares about affordable, reliable, and healthy water for everyone we serve.  Since 1996 we’ve seen the innumerable benefits of healthy water to improve health and well being of our valued customers.  Please take a moment and read what our customers have to say about their water purification.

Robert Gorovenko

In 1996 Robert began testing and installing water purification systems that are increasing the quality of life for thousands of people in BC and Alberta every day.  Robert puts a strong emphasis on applied science and technology and knows the good, bad, and ugly within the water filtration industry.  Robert prefers to serve you rather than multi-national companies who make exaggerated claims and sell over-priced equipment.  Robert demonstrates the difference so you can make the best water purification decision for yourself and family.  Give him a call today at 403 318 8685

Baruch Gorovenko

In 1995 Baruch founded Rapha Laboratories in Surrey, BC, Canada were he manufactured and distributed all natural antibiotics.  The big draw for Baruch to join Aquacare water filtration were the testimonies of those who had water filtration systems installed. Our food and water is the cause of most health issues, why not prevent illness before we require drugs and antibiotics to cure them.  Baruch is passionate about health and believes water filtration should be made available and affordable for everyone.

Adele Gorovenko

Adele takes care of our Aquacare administration, customer service, and marketing.  Adele’s dedication to pure water has taken her up and down mountains, she’s a water enthusiast who loves seeing our friends receive the benefits of pure water. 

Managing Your Water Doesn’t Have to Be Hard or Expensive.

"True science and technology works in harmony with nature, saving us far more than time and money."

– Robert Gorovenko


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